Do you love Chabad?

Does Chabad feel like your home away from home on campus?

Would you love to get involved, and help shape Chabad into the future as an even greater and better community?


If you answered yes to the above, please join the

Chabad Student Executive Board!


Please fill out the application below:


Complete Campus Mailing Address: 

Complete Permanent Mailing Address:   

Email you would like to be contacted at for all board related matters:  


Graduating Year: 

Major (if none, write undecided:) 

Please choose a position you would be interested in filling (you may apply for more than one although you will receive just one)

• Supervise and coordinate the activities of the organization. 
• Preside over all meetings and call all meetings to order. 
• Maintain communication with the Center for Student Involvement and ensure that all paperwork is current. 
• Be responsible for creating a budget for events and apply for funds from SA, in conjunction with the Treasurer. 
• Ensure that all officers are performing their duties as defined by their positions. 
• Keep Rabbi Chezky informed of activities and functions of the board. 
• Provide all documents and records pertaining to his/her responsibilities to the newly-elected President. 
• Assign special projects to officers.

• Be responsible for creating a budget for events and apply for funds from SA, in conjunction with the President. 
• Assist with receiving SA grants for special events as assigned by the President.

• Take, type and distribute minutes of meetings of Executive Board
• Organize and coordinate meetings of subcommittee as assigned by the President
• Maintain schedules and calendars

Social Media
• Document Chabad events by taking photos (excluding Shabbat and holidays)
• Manage Chabad's Social Media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

Community Involvement
• Look for ways for students to participate in community service aimed at bettering the Jewish community

• Plan special Shabbat events and themed Shabbat meals
•Assist with preparing Shabbat dinner 

Please explain why you think you can successfully fill the position you chose.


General Requirements


Must be prepared to serve a full semester on the executive board. 

Board members must attend scheduled meetings (typically monthly).

Tabling/Chabad Representation:
It is a requirement that each executive board member volunteer time to represent Chabad at student fairs, freshman events and other opportunities a minimum of once a month

Shabbat and Events:

Board members are expected to be at Shabbat dinners a minimum of once per month. Board members are also expected to be at major events.

 I am excited to be a Chabad Executive Board Member!